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Stone Mountain Middle

Dekalb County Schools

Classroom Expectations

The following is a list of provisional rules for our classroom this school year. We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read and discuss these rules with your child before he/she returns to school. The following rules will include but not be limited to our overall behavioral expectations for our 8th graders.

    1.   Students will follow instructions given by the teacher.
  1. Students will raise their hand and wait to be called on by the teacher.
  2.  Students will respect fellow classmates and their belongings.
  3. No gum or food is allowed in class. 
  4. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in class. If a student has a cell phone out, the phone will be collected and returned at the end of the day.(1st time only)  Please be reminded that additional offenses will result in parent having to recover the device.
  5. No shades or 3D shades are allowed in class. The only glasses allowed are prescription glasses.


Students must adhere to the DCSD student Code of conduct, as well as specific classroom rules.