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Your Voice, Our Future: 2024 - 2029 Strategic Plan Focus Groups
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Stone Mountain Middle

Dekalb County Schools


Physical Science Projects

Special Projects

Roller coaster-Students will research roller coaster designs at different theme parks in order to build their own coaster to specifications. The coaster will display the dynamics of Kinetic and Potential Energy, Law of Conservation of Energy, Centripetal Force, Friction, Velocity, and Acceleration
1. As you research, take notes about the 3 different coasters.
2. Draw a sketch of each coaster

Rube Goldberg project--Students will take a simple task and make the end product of the task complex by designing a model of a Rube Goldberg drawing that displays 8-10 steps to make the task work. (Task example: To turn off a light)

Newton Scooters:  Students will apply Newton's third law of motion by building a car that moves forward by pushing back on something