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Stone Mountain Middle

Dekalb County Schools

Mrs. J. Amos

Miss Jay's Philosophy

   To teach, one may say is a simple thing to do.
You stand at a board and talk until the class is through.
Back and forth reliving the same motion.
Back and forth until the students realize that this notion is not life.
It is not living at all.
It is wasting an existence until the dismissal bell calls.
Webster describes the teacher's role as one.To teach, inform, or educate.
Where does it show the many things that as teachers we must tolerate?
Where does it show the student achievements that we must celebrate?
Where does it list the days and weeks spent to nurture a child's existence?
Ask me what boundaries do I NOT cross when my students hang in the balance? None, I say I am relentless.
To teach cannot be constricted between the hours of nine and five.
To truly stop at "quitting time" my students will become deprived.
I signed a contract and made a vow that my students are where I will devote most of my time.
To work in capacity with the next generation is a sensation that will blow ones mind.
Teaching is a calling or a skill I would say.    
I know that I am being monitored and watched throughout the day.
To my employers, my pupils, and their guardians I say, I teach by living according to a life that is far from mundane.
To inform is not my job at all, or so I do believe.
These thoughts and concepts will only make sense if you choose for them to be conceived.
In my classroom I am a facilitator and will supply all that you need.
An active imagination is what you must posses to succeed.
Throw the books out the window and let your mind loose to explore.
The conventional ways of learning are those very ways that I want you to ignore.
To inform with information is a job all on your own.
Only as your guide will I travel with you into the unknown.
Your life is much like television and you wield the remote.
Like the captain of a ship, you are in control of your own boat.
To educate is the last verb listed.
Before I became a teacher first I was an assistant.
It is amazing how adults just pretend like they understand.
I am here not to lie and say that I know it all, but to help you when I can.
As a teacher it is my job to guide you through this time.
As a teacher it is my job to assist you with this climb.
As a teacher I vow to always be there for thee.
Just know that as a teacher, this is my philosophy.
- Amos